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SUPR Simpsons Show

Nov 12, 2019

Homer gets put into a mental institute in which he befriends, Michael Jackson? Season 3 premiere is a great episode, maybe even worth a 5 yellow finger, god-tier rating....Maybe!

Nov 4, 2019

Bart saves Mr. Burns's life. But Homer becomes enraged when Mr. Burns doesn't return the favor by sending the Simpsons what he considers to be an appropriate "thank you" gift.

Oct 29, 2019

When Bart attends a comic book convention dressed as his superhero alter ego Bartman, he finds the first issue of Radioactive Man for $100 at Comic Book Guy's Android's Dungeon. However, he does not have enough money to buy it, and Homer refuses to give him extra money, so he decides to get a job. Bart turns to 

Oct 23, 2019

At a party thrown by himself and his wife MargeHomer humiliates himself by getting drunk, telling off strangers, and leering at Maude Flanders' cleavage. The following day at church, Marge signs up for a weekend retreat of marriage counseling hosted by Reverend Lovejoy and his wife Helen. Homer finds out the retreat...

Sep 9, 2019

Lisa gets attached to a substitute teacher. Bart Runs for Class President, and Greg and Jesse laugh a lot!